Meet Scope Kitchen

Designed in New York. Forged, fired, and hand-crafted in Europe & Asia.

We believe that the heart of each home starts in the kitchen. We believe in simple, timeless, thoughtful, and responsible designs.

Our sustainably made products bring a story to your home—a story that we want to share with you. Each Scope Kitchen item, from Flatware to Kitchenware, is a unique project, built on history, research, development, and, just like a work of art, on originality.

Your table is where you nourish yourself, your friendships, and your family. That’s why we believe it’s worth it to set a table you love.

Scope Kitchen is motivated by a common vision to create products that are as enjoyable as they are practical. 

We believe in stories worth celebrating

We value moments of joy shared over food and good company, and we aim to bring you more of these memories through premium tableware.

From hosting your friends for pizza night, cooking your ‘almost’ famous pasta on date night, to a simple meal enjoyed by yourself, Scope Kitchen products are a part of anyone’s story.

We make it easy

Forget days spent searching for suitable Tableware items at different stores, overwhelmed by quantities and underwhelmed by design. We reinvented the tedious process of finding and styling top-quality table settings. You can find high quality kitchen utensils on our Shop. 

We design responsibly

We intentionally design our pieces to transcend passing trends. We believe in durable items that will last for years—not only physically, but aesthetically—and we design products that are as timeless as they are stylized.

Our collections are all thoughtfully considered, with colors and styles that complement each other and work seamlessly with the atmosphere of your home. With proper care, our tableware will flawlessly accompany great meals and memories for years to come. Each and every day, we're hard at work looking at new products, styles, designs and sourcing them from high quality contract manufacturers from all over the world. 

We make it practical

We studied the shelves of people like you to learn what you actually use and love. Every detail of our assortment is designed for your modern life.  You’ll love our elegant silhouettes and chic semi-matte glazes on your open shelving, in your effortless tablescapes, and throughout your daily dishwasher loads. 

We don't skimp out on our materials - we only use products made of eco-friendly, and food-grade, extremely durable material that are built to last for long time. 

We craft sustainably

We are dedicated to becoming a zero-waste company, which is why we only partner with makers who put the earth first, using recycled materials and eco-friendly packaging.

We respect people’s investments by creating products that last longer through processes that benefit all. By partnering with creators who share our commitment to exceptional craft, top materials, and ethical employment, we avoid wasteful production practices, leaving you feeling empowered by your purchase. 

We manufacture globally

We have warehouses and contract manufacturers all around the world and we do not discriminate based on race or nationality when selecting where our products are stored/manufactured. 

Our partners provide a clean, safe work environment and ensure that employees are treated with dignity and respect. We wouldn't have it any other way.


We traveled the world to learn about the finest materials and the rich, storied traditions of Tableware.

Along the way, we found artisans in Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy whose legacies we respected and who shared our commitment to sustainability.


What Inspires us:

Real stories of people: We celebrate memories of joy shared over great food and good company. Scope Kitchen’s mission is to bring you more of these moments through premium Tableware. From hosting your friends for homemade pizza night, to a simple meal to enjoy yourself, Scope Kitchen products can be part of anyone’s story.

Places: Scope Kitchen is inspired by the mountains and seas of the world, where we continue to grow and draw inspiration. We find joy in the origins of regional craft, diverse landscapes, and the stories they hold close. Nature’s most beautiful colors live through our pieces and the emotions they invoke.

Sustainability: We invest in products made from thoughtful and responsible materials as often as we can, because what we make is connected to the health of the earth we share. We invest in ethical factories that provide supportive environments and compensation to their teams so that the people who make our products have time, energy, and resources to connect with the people they love.

Giving Back: Knowing that not everyone is able to experience joy though food is why we are partnering with various charitable organizations where we would be able to donate meals to people in need for every Scope Kitchen Tableware sold. We believe we feel our best when doing our best.


Our Mission:

At Scope Kitchen, our mission is simple: To bring joy to every meal. Through ethical craftsmanship and sustainable practices, we work with partners around the world to create everyday pieces that elevate the experience of dining at home. 

Our Vision:

At Scope Kitchen, we aim to create home decor that inspires everyday moments. We like to envision ourselves as more than just a Kitchen products company. In our minds, we are helping each and every person in the Kitchen by providing them a unique experience with our innovative products. Our long term goal is to become the ultimate Kitchen brand that is synonymous with high quality, and unique design Kitchen tools and accessories.