Smart Silicone Stretch Lids

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Tired of throwing away leftover food after it lost its freshness and taste?

Smart Silicone Stretch Lids are all you need to preserve the original taste and freshness of your food until you get hungry again thus preventing food wastage or any bad odor.

The Smart Silicone Stretch Lids can be used to store, cover, or transport all kinds of foods including meat, salads, vegetables, drinks such as juices, tea, and coffee. You can also securely cover the half-eaten/used fruits and vegetables. The lids perfectly fit all your containers and your leftover half apple, quarter melon, or onion.

The environment-friendly Silicone lids help to reduce both food & plastic waste. Leak-proof and airtight seal (just make sure whatever you're stretching it over is dry so the silicone has a solid place to grip)


How to use them?

Smart silicone stretch lids set contains 6 silicone stretch lids in different sizes and colors. The innovative super stretchable material of the lids lets you easily fit them to most pots, bowls, cans, mugs, jars used in the kitchen of any shape (round, square, rectangular, oval, and even other odd shapes). It can also be used as a replacement for lost container lids and covers by creating a secure seal.


Are they safe to use?

Smart silicone stretch lids are made of healthy 100% non-toxic silicone material without any chemicals which are perfect for use in the kitchen and are approved to be used for any food type. The material is BPA free & is approved food grade and is odor resistant. 


Are they durable and long-lasting?

Smart Silicone lids are made of highly durable silicone material that can withstand extreme temperatures between -40F (-40C) and 450F (232C). The lids are microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe.


How to clean?

100% dishwasher friendly. Wash it with hands or just put it inside the dishwasher to be cleaned.


Other Specifications?

  • Dimensions: Comes in 6 different sizes with following diameters: 2.6 in/6.6 cm, 3.8 in/9.7 cm, 4.5 in/11.4 cm, 5.7 in/14.5 cm, 6.5 in/16.5 cm, 8.3 in/21.1 cm.
  • Stretchable up to 1.4 times its relaxed diameter.
  • Storage: No special storage needed and can be stored anywhere in the kitchen. Slides easily into narrow spaces/shelves.

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