Flatware Trends 2022: Gold is the color of choice

Like many other trends, the golden Flatware trend has become indispensable. It has firmly established itself and the golden cutlery has become an essential in modern tablescape decoration.

No Flatware color was as popular in 2021 as Gold Flatware! Whether as a decorative item on the shelf, as a highlight at a candlelight dinner or as a small refreshment for coffee and cake. It doesn't have to be as exclusive and luxurious as the color gold suggests. Especially in the minimalist, industrial style, the matte gold is adds a special charm to your dining table.

"We are experiencing a revival of the gold rush"

The gold trend begins with golden decorations on pieces of furniture, lamp holders, picture frames, candle holders and flower pots. It has a subsequent effect on table culture. The trendy pastel colors such as camouflage green or Kemora gray can be ideally combined with gold. If you like it a little darker, you can opt for a matte gold, which stimulates the trend to the fullest. The classic shiny gold is also a popular choice that has been trendy for a long time.

Here are a few inspirations on how golden Flatware can be used for tablescape settings.

The combination of white plates with white cables on the table harmonizes perfectly with the straight and distinctive lines of the matte gold Flatware from Scope Kitchen. 


The Gold Flatware in Mirror Finish looks incredible on this tablescape and adds a timeless charm to the dining table.


Pure minimalism that convinces.

The minimalist table setting is perfect for "coffee & cake". The gold color dominates the appearance. The mix & match trend design has also been trending lately in which two different cutlery models both with gold color have been integrated on the same table.


Golden cutlery as a decoration

The trend has also caught on in the living room, so why should the beautiful utensils lie in the drawer when they can also be skillfully staged as a decoration and give the living room a design uplift.

Classic and Timeless

Furthermore, golden Silverware can continue to appear as a classic highlight on the Dining table. The color gold is still in demand, especially on public holidays, festivals and on special occasions.