Tips for cleaning your Flatware

Stainless steel is a special type of metal that does not break easily and lasts a long time. But this strong metal also wears out and can become dirty over long term usage. To properly clean your stainless steel Flatware and to keep it beautiful for a long period of time, there are various ways to clean your Flatware. Here are some tips for taking good care of your cutlery, after all, you use it every day.

Tips for using the dishwasher.

  • Rinse it with water before placing it in the dishwasher to ensure that no residue can build up.
  • Place the Flatware with the handles downwards, this ensures that the upper parts are properly cleaned and the water drains better.
  • Drying as soon as possible after the wash cycle ensures that no water remains on the cutlery and thus prevents dried-on water stains.

After all, hand washing is the best way to keep your Flatware looking good for the longest period of time. You can immediately wash off any food leftover stains by hand and keep the Flatware in very good condition. This way you don't get any unwanted food leftovers or marks on the Silverware. It is also extremely important to dry the Flatware immediately after hand washing them. Dried water stains do more damage than you might think.

If you do have some tarnish on your Flatware, there are a number of ways to get rid of it. Crystal Soda is a well-known means to get rid of these type of stains. Put a spoonful of soda in a bowl of lukewarm water and let the cutlery soak in it for a while. Once you have done this, you can brush off the deposits with a sponge or a dish brush.

Lemon Oil is a lesser known way to clean your Flatware, but it also works very well for polishing your cutlery. Take a cloth and put some lemon oil on it. Use this to polish the cutlery and you will see that stains and imperfections come off easily. The lemon oil also makes the cutlery regain its shininess. By doing this every now and then and especially before you have dinner, your Silverware will look like new again!